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Workers’ Comp Recommendations for First Responders

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What recommendations would you give first responders as they are entering their profession as it relates to workers’ comp?


Workers' Comp Recommendations for First Responders In speaking with union, there are several pieces of advice that we give to the union members, particularly to the incoming first responders for firefighters and law enforcement. A couple of critical or key important things that they need to consider is, one, to maintain a copy of their pre-employment physical. The pre-employment physical is very important not only for identifying the physical condition that each first responder entered service in, but it’s also essential for application of the presumption pursuant to the Heart Bill.

In addition, the young first responders entering service often feel invincible. However, after years of service, the toll that serving as a first responder takes on its body is important, so it’s important to document every injury file, each notice of injury, with the agency, contemporaneous with when it occurs and seek and continue in medical treatment in order to receive all benefits that each first responder is entitled to. If you have any questions as you’re entering into service as a first responder, as to how workers’ compensation benefits apply to you, please do not hesitate to contact us at Oliver and Fox.

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