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5 Derek Smith via 

Incredibly professional and truly will take care of your needs with genuine sincerity. Everything explained to me every step of the way with my best interests at the forefront. If you’re a first responder with a workers comp case, do your due dilligence and give this firm a call. At minimum, you’ll be educated on your case that you didn’t have prior. Good luck!!

5 Ray Yeakley via 

If you’re looking for an outstanding Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyer with a hard working and dedicated legal team, look no further. Attorney Tonya Oliver is that person. As a first responder for 43 years, the last thing I needed was stress associated with the compensation owed me. Attorney Tonya Oliver successfully handled (and continues to handle) my case removing all stress while ensuring speedy compensation. Highly recommended!

5 David Buchholz via 

Extremely compassionate and empathetic concerns across the entire office staff! Jason works endlessly until the job is complete. I couldn’t be more grateful for him and his staff’s expert conduct. I was a firefighter and he helped me get compensated with what I deserved.

5 Constance Coleman via 

A Workers Comp firm who is knowledgeable about the law. Great firm.

5 Joseph and Lisa Fields via 

Atty Oliver was referred by another attorney because that atty knew what was going to happen. Atty Oliver was literally fighting for my Life. Because of her efforts I’ll have the medical insurance I desperately need. How do you say thank to that. She understands what the toll on first responders really is. A fighter in OUR corner.

5 Jackie Thomas-Fountain via 

Attorney Oliver is very knowledgeable, professional and experienced in her expertise. She and her firm worked diligently to get me the results that I deserve as a first responder. She cares about her clients and she was always available for any questions or concerns that I had. I would definitely recommend Attorney Oliver to all my family and friends. She’s the best and I’m very satisfied with the outcome of my case.☺️☺️

5 Phillip Villoch Puig via 

Never got to speak face to face with an actual attorney. Also specific actions related to case never clearly defined like Falsified Government Documents, lost E-mails, endangerment and possible attempted murder of a Sheriff Deputy. All related and part of the case.

5 Matthew via 

Jason helped me get to a very satisfactory settlement at mediation and explained the process thoroughly. He was steadfast and fought for the best possible outcome for over 3 hours. If you have a work comp injury contact him, very knowledgeable and experienced.

5 Anonymous via 

The last year and a half have been exhausting, both physically and emotionally. Right from the start, I stressed over leaving a career behind that I loved with nothing to show for it. I know my law enforcement career was over, but had no idea what I was deserving of. Despite my case being about as clear-cut as they come, I knew I needed help and guidance…that’s where you and your firm came in. Despite my lack of patience, you explained clearly what needed to happen and how to get there.  I am SO GLAD this is over, and I thank you so much for getting me here.

5 Anonymous via 

Tonya is an excellent workers compensation attorney, who diligently works to protect the interests of her clients. I have always been impressed with both her legal and medical knowledge in the handling of extremely complex cases. Tonya is meticulously prepared for depositions, mediations and hearings. In my experience, Tonya works tirelessly to make sure that her client gets the best result whether it is in overall settlement or in the securing of benefits.

5 Susan Leister via 

Ms. Oliver is an honest, fair, and extremely competent attorney. She listens and understands ones needs and immediately gets to work on your case. There is no procrastination with this lady. I highly recommend her!

5 Dennis via 

Mr. Fox sits at the top of his profession. He is extremely diligent and sees to his clients every need. He will not rest until he and his clients are satisfied with the outcome of their case. Don’t just accept your employers offer until checking with Mr. Fox.

5 Anonymous via 

Tonya is a true expert in the field of workers compensation, including cases involving cardiac and pulmonary claims of first responders. She is an excellent trial attorney and demonstrates both outstanding legal knowledge and ethical standards.

5 Victoria Wessels via 

Ms. Oliver is a great attorney that works extremely hard for all first responders to get what they deserve

5 Darrel via 

I was in need of an attorney to represent me in a Workers Comp claim and hired Attorney Jason Fox. I have not regretted that decision from day one. Mr. Fox represented me throughout the entire process including a final hearing as my employer continually refused any considerations. Mr. Fox was steadfast in my defense and this resulted in a successful conclusion to my case. My employer (State of Florida) fought us at every turn and Mr. Fox never wavered. Top Notch, represents his clients, knows his trade. Continues to represent even after the hearing, keeps in contact, and has an open door.

5 Anonymous via 

Tonya has won numerous awards for her involvement in guardian ad litem cases and her commitment to public service. She also has a strong reputation in the legal community as a knowledgeable and experienced Workers Comp attorney.

5 Ricardo Valdes via 

Congratulations on the new/old office. You guys are the best.

5 Pete via 

Jason was always available to answer all of my concerns. When at the litigating table, he was an adversary to be reckoned with. His professional and friendly demeanor is unsurpassed by no other. He is a Jets fan, after all!

Thank you for helping our family.

5 Anonymous via 

Mr. Fox is a credit to the bar. He serves his clients very well, and maintains very high standards of professionalism.

5 Miriam Valdes Lopez via 

Congratulations Tonya, our LEOs are lucky to have you on their side.

5 James via 

Jason was there for me from the beginning, Kept me informed at all times of my cases status, worked tirelessly during mediations to ensure maximum benefits were obtained, and most of all treated me like family rather than a client!

5 Anonymous via 

Tonya Oliver is an excellent attorney.

5 Heath via 

After being denied benefits, Mr. Fox walked me through the legal process and was able to secure not only my benefits but wages I had lost. If it wasn’t for Jason, I would have been another uniformed injured worker that was left out in the cold. After my injury, it was good to finally meet someone who cared. Thank you, Jason!

5 Anonymous via 
5 Sandra via 

Jason L. Fox is an Awesome Lawyer. Very understanding and helpful. I really appreciate all his Support , he was sincerely concern about my health and my situation throughout my entire case. A true professional. Will recommend to anyone! Thanks for all your help I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Thanks!

5 Anonymous via 
5 Jason via 

He kept on top of the case and fought for everything he could and more. I can’t believe how honest he is and how he looks out for you when you can’t. Am in and out of it due to medication and he sometimes had to talk to me about situation several times before I understood. If your looking for a good lawyer I am recommending you call Mr. Fox.

5 Anonymous via 
5 Emily via 

I found Jason Fox to be an excellent attorney. I met him through a recommendation from a neighbor of mine and I must say that he exceeded all my expectations of a lawyer. He is thoroughly professional while being both cordial as well as friendly. He covered all the facts and kept everything in order even when I was an emotional wreck. He helped me understand all the steps we were going through, He made sure that I was kept informed of my case through emails, letters, phone calls and office meetings and never seemed to mind my sometimes both endless and sometimes repetitive questions. I would, and have, recommended Jason to others.

5 Anonymous via 
5 Anonymous via 

Jason Fox, is a great lawyer to have very professional, knowledgeable, keeps me informed of my case, returns phone call in a great time frame, and takes the time to sit and listen to what you have to say without the feeling of being rushed off the phone or in his office. I would recommend him and the firm to anyone I know.

5 Anonymous via 
5 Thomas Hellman via 

Excellent Lawyer I would recommend Him to all who need a Comp Lawyer.

5 Anonymous via 
5 Manny via 

In the past, I was represented with different attorneys, that lacked fortitude and ethical practice. Nevertheless, when i was injured at work, I needed representation. Choosing an attorney is a daunting task , for me personally, due to prior representation. However, my medical and financial benefits were not in my control. I needed help! I retained an attorney though the yellow pages. From day one, this law firm misled and lied to me. I could elaborate more misfortune, but I feel it is not necessary . Anyway, this lawyer fired me and , I was relieved. With in four weeks, I retained another attorney. Unfortunately after several months, this lawyer left the firm. With in two weeks, I was referred to Jason Fox. I was immediately ecstatic and relieved having a competent attorney. He listened and answered all questions with no false pretentious. Also, gave his personal cell number, if any questions needed immediate attention. In the end, Jason Fox MY ATTORNEY, had my best interest first and foremost with fortitude. I would recommend MR Fox highly!

5 Anonymous via 
5 Dawn via 

Jason Fox has been the best attorney that I have ever had. He handled my very complicated case very professionally. He not only did an outstanding job when it came to the legal aspects of the case , but was very thoughtful on how it personally affected me and my family. He also attended city council meetings, doctors appointment, etc. even when it was not legally needed. He stood by my side every step of they way, and was willing to fight all the way to the Supreme Court. Most Lawyers would not have put the time or effort. This was not a big money making case for a lawyer but he was standing up to a system and a City that treated an injured worker very poorly. He is a smart and determined person who is willing to go the extra mile for what is right. I would 100% recommend him.

5 Anonymous via 
5 Lynn via 

Jason handled a Personal Injury case for me. I was pleasantly surprised to receive twice the amount than I originally expected! Also, he was caring and easy to work with. I strongly recommend him as an attorney.

5 Anonymous via 
5 Bradley via 

This man has put his heart and soul into my case and we have won every step of the way with my case. He is a great litigation lawyer, and would recommend him to anyone.

5 Anonymous via 
5 Anonymous via 

Attorney Fox is an extremely hardworking and honest lawyer. He not only worked diligently on my case but he did so with compassion and was always available for advice, suggestions and my counseling. He was always steadfast with returning all my calls and tentative to my needs as he understood the sensitivity of what I was going through emotionally and financially. He always kept my best interest in our case management planning and continued to do so throughout our counseling phone calls and appointments. When I first contacted Attorney Fox about my case I was extremely stressed, overwhelmed and thought I was going to be going through the worse experience of my life. He quickly put my mind at rest with his calm, clear and reassuring demeanor. My client relationship remained this way throughout my entire case and I will be forever grateful to have had the pleasure to have such a wonderful attorney at my side during this very difficult and stressful time. I highly recommend Attorney Fox without hesitance or reservation to represent all my friends and family.

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