Settling a First Responders Workers’ Comp Claim

Have you been asked about settling a first responders workers’ comp claim and are unsure what to do? Call our Florida office today for help.


I have been asked to settle my first responder workers’ compensation claim, what should I do?


Settling a First Responders Workers' Comp Claim At Oliver and Fox, we are often contacted by Florida first responders who have been approached by their employer or the insurance company and asked to settle their case or their claim. This is because many first responders from Florida have long-standing or open claims for several years. You must be very careful when you are approached with this question, as many times the employer or the insurance company is going to request that you resign or retire or separate as part of that settlement. That can have a very negative implication on other benefits that may be available to you.

Settlement is a very good option in certain situations. We definitely recommend that you contact us at Olive and Fox to assist you in this stage of your case and your claim and hopefully maximize the benefits and protect your career as best as possible.

Have you or a loved one been injured at work as a first responder and have questions about settling a first responders workers’ comp? Contact experienced Florida Workers Compensation Attorneys at Oliver & Fox today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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