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Reporting Work Injury to Your Captain

Check out this video about reporting a work injury to your captain as a first responder. Then, contact our Florida Workers’ Comp Lawyers to get started.


Do I need to report my injury to my captain as a first responder?


Reporting Work Injury to Your Captain We had a client who recently met with us, and he had a heart attack while he was not on duty. Is it important in Florida to file a first report of injury regarding your injury? Whether you have a physical injury, such as a broken arm or broken leg, that occurs on duty as a first responder, or whether you have injuries such as a heart attack, hypertension, PTSD or similar injuries that occur either on or off duty, it is important and mandatory to file that first report of injury to notify the employer of your injury. At Oliver and Fox, We can help file your first report of injury and make sure that your benefits are provided pursuant to your report of your injury.

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