Repetitive Motion Injuries for First Responders

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Are repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel covered for first responders?


Repetitive Motion Injuries for First Responders We often find ourselves speaking with first responders in Florida that tell us about repetitive-type injuries that they have and that they haven’t made a claim for. They may not realize that they may be able to make a claim for them. Just like a secretary or phlebotomist or somebody working with their hands may develop carpal tunnel over time, first responders can also develop repetitive-type injuries to their knees, back, or neck.

We recently assisted an officer who developed severe neck pain and herniations in his neck and required a fusion because of the very awkward position in which he had to have his neck and hands while typing in his squad car. These types of cases can be repetitive trauma, just like a firefighter jumping on and off the truck and climbing ladders with 80+ pounds of gear on his back. The wear and tear that you endure and that your bodies endure is not typical of anyone that’s not a first responder, and it may entitle you to additional benefits and to make a claim.

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