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Needing a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for First Responders

Watch this video to understand why needing a workers’ compensation lawyer for first responders in Florida is necessary. Then, call our office in Tampa.


Why do I need a first responder workers’ compensation lawyer?


Needing a Workers' Compensation Lawyer for First Responders We were talking to some first responders the other day and they asked why they actually need a first responders workers’ comp attorney. First, workers’ compensation is general laws that are for everyone, not just for first responders, but then there are extra statutes that apply for first responders that a lot of regular workers’ comp attorneys may not know, may not follow, may not be aware of. There are many extra classes of benefits, and your workers’ compensation claim can have a tremendous effect on your pension benefits and vice versa, so it’s very important to have someone that’s fully aware of both of your workers’ compensation claim and whether it’s heart/lung, PTSD, cancer, a repetitive injury or just a regular physical injury handle that and how it interplays with your potential in line-of-duty disability benefits and pension benefits and employment. We seek to keep you employed, to keep you working to protect your career, and in doing so, again, handle that to maximize benefits that are available for you.

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