Four Elements of Heart & Lung Bill

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What are the 4 elements of the heart and lung bill relative to first responder workers’ comp in Florida?


Four Elements of Heart & Lung Bill We are often asked, “How do we qualify for the Florida Heart/Lung Bill?” Florida first responders are entitled to coverage, medical care, for life, plus potential lost wages and impairment benefits if they do qualify. To qualify, you have to basically meet a four-prong test. You have to be part of the protected class, that being a first responder, a firefighter, a law enforcement officer of corrections. You have to have a clean pre-employment physical upon entering into service; that means your physical does not show any hypertension or heart disease. You have to then develop that condition of hypertension or heart disease, and that has to cause some inability to do your full job duties. If that has happened and if those four criteria are met, the presumption then shifts the burden to the employer and they have to prove that the condition is not work-related, and that is very difficult for them to do. Please call us at Oliver and Fox. We’d be very happy to discuss how you may be eligible for benefits under the Heart/Lung Bill.

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