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First Responder Workers’ Compensation Case Value

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How do you determine the value of a workers’ compensation claim for a first responder in Florida?


First Responder Workers' Compensation Case Value When we speak to first responders we are often asked, “What’s the value,” or “How much is my claim worth?” Claims have a value based on, first and foremost, how much it’s costing you for your care, treatment, and your lost income. It also has a value based on what those things are costing the employer. The value is then assessed and includes, again, the medical care, lost wages, impairment benefits, medications, therapies, other things and everything that flows through to you, and whether or not you’re taking advantage of it or whether or not it’s been paid. The amount that you’ve cost the carrier or the employer in the past is not as important, per se, as what they may have to pay in the future, so we have to look at the history, but then extrapolate out and look at what type of future care, treatment, what your ability is to return to work, if there’s work available, what impairment you may have, what restrictions you may have, what impairment rating you may have and whether those benefits have all been paid and whether they have been paid appropriately. We truly need to have this full evaluation to give you a fair and appropriate value or settlement estimation, so please call us at Olive and Fox. We’d be happy to do this for you and assist you through this stage of your claim.

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