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First Responder Workers’ Compensation Case Timeline

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How long will my first responder workers’ compensation case take?


First Responder Workers' Compensation Case Timeline We’re often asked how long it may take for a first responder workers’ compensation claim or any workers’ compensation claim to resolve in the state of Florida. The first thing that’s important to understand is that you never have to settle your case, neither does the employer carrier. Neither side can force the other to settle, to close it, to resolve it. If we want to reach a resolution, it must be completely voluntary.

If everybody is able to reach an agreement, we really have to wait until we can assess the value and the breadth of your injuries – how severely injured are you? Is it going to be long-standing? Is it going to be something that quickly resolves? If we can then put together and assess your injury, and both sides are interested, we can reach a settlement. Again, no case is ever required to settle. Sometimes we can settle them as quick as two or three weeks, and sometimes we may have a case open for 20 years. It’s really dependent on what you desire and what the employer would like to do as well, but everyone has to come to that agreement. We at Oliver and Fox can help you assess the value of your claim and help you achieve your goal, whether it’s a quick settlement, or protect your career and extend that settlement out as long possible.

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