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First Responder Workers’ Compensation Benefits Cap

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Is there a cap on my workers’ compensation benefits for first responders?


First Responder Workers' Compensation Benefits Cap We are sometimes asked by first responders in Florida whether or not there’s a cap on the benefits that they receive. The short answer is no. They’re entitled to medical care so long as the original work-related injury remains the major contributing cause of their need for care. On the monetary side, there is a cap in the maximum amount that they’re allowed to receive if they’re receiving lost wages on a weekly basis, and that’s set each year and increases slightly each year.

In general, the amount of benefits that you’re entitled to are not limited or capped in that fashion. If you are permanently and totally disabled, you can only collect those benefits until you’re 75 years of age, but, again, the medical care would continue. Every case is a little bit different. There are different circumstances, depending on the year it was filed and the age that you are when your case is filed or when you’re injured, so please call us at Oliver and Fox. We’d be happy to listen to your facts and address how the law may affect what limitations there may be on your case.

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