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First Responder Workers’ Comp Insurance Investigation

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What happens when a first responder workers’ comp claim is contested by the insurance carrier?


First Responder Workers' Comp Insurance Investigation We received a call from a new client indicating that he received a denial in the mail from workers’ compensation. He’s a first responder, he’s not back at work, and he’s receiving medical care and treatment and wants to know what he is supposed to do. A first report of injury was filed, and the insurance company has 120 days to investigate that injury and can accept the injury or deny the case. If the case is denied, the claimant or the employee has the opportunity to contest that in court. In doing so, a petition for benefits must be filed and there must be medical evidence to support the claim or the injury and its relationship to the workplace event.

At Oliver and Fox, if you’ve received a denial, we would be happy to help you investigate whether or not the denial was issued, and whether you’re entitled to additional workers’ compensation benefits, and proceed with those in court. We invite you to contact our office and we can set up a consultation with you to do so.

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