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Family Doctor Disagrees with Comp Doctor

Did your family doctor disagree with your comp doctor? Watch this video for guidance, then call our Florida Workers’ Comp Lawyers for first responders now.


What if the company doctor releases me to go back to work as a first responder but my own doctor disagrees?


Family Doctor Disagrees with Comp Doctor We were recently asked by a first responder how he could possibly return to work with the injuries that he had suffered on the job, even though the employer-appointed authorized work comp doctor did not give him any restrictions and returned him to full duty. We explained that if the workers’ comp authorized doctor does send you back to work, unfortunately, that is the prevailing answer or restriction that you must follow, but there are options. We can ask for a one-time change; you can use an independent medical exam. There are ways of going about getting an alternate opinion to hopefully address your injuries appropriately if you feel that they do provide limitations and prevent you from working. Please call us at Oliver and Fox. We’d be happy to evaluate your case and help you through this situation.

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