Aggravated Previous Injury

Are you a first responder wondering if you can get workers’ compensation from an aggravated previous injury? Watch this video, then call our Florida office.


Can I get workers’ comp if a previous injury was aggravated while on duty as a first responder?


Aggravated Previous Injury We recently spoke with a firefighter who injured his knee on duty. He thought he was not entitled to benefits because he had a preexisting injury to that same knee prior to joining the department. In Florida, you may be entitled to medical and indemnity benefits for aggravating a preexisting injury, if that aggravation is reasonably and medically necessary to be treated in order to make the injured worker whole. At Olive and Fox, we can help evaluate whether or not an aggravation to your preexisting injury occurred. We invite you to call for a consultation, and we can discuss those benefits.

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